Our area of ​​Research, Development and Innovation, has developed and evolved through our professional experience, being the key element in all our products and own brands are based.

Thanks to continued research of our team we have been able to develop in response to the particular needs of our customers, individual solutions adapted, always ensuring maximum quality assurance and protection guaranteed by the different studies and ongoing research.

In our quest for improvement, RESINAS DEL VINALOPO, S.L. has been aware of the need to optimize and reduce the environmental impact of our products in the sector, so respecting the highest quality and guarantee them.





RESINAS DEL VINALOPO, S.L. contributes to the development of new products:

Committed to continuous improvement of existing products in our company, as in the sector of natural stone, marble, granite, composites, wind, nautical, etc...

Providing technical studies on various problems that may arise in the technical department office.

Development of new product designs, processes or services, developing designs, calculations, and other documentation for the construction of prototypes or pilot projects.

Technological innovation, improving production and manufacturing processes, through hardware and software innovation and research.

Protection mechanisms new products: patents, utility models ...

Managing products and the company's own brands. 

Our facilities are equipped with the necessary staff and the best laboratory equipment worldwide for research, development and quality control of all our products:

- Viscometry.

- Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC).

- Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis.

- Thermogravimetric Analysis.

- Infrared Spectroscopy.

- Goniometry.

- Optical Microscopy.

- Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

- Chambers of accelerated aging.

- Universal Testing Machine (tension, compression, bending to 3 points, 4 points bending ...)

- Porosimetry.

- Dilatometry.








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